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Ayub Malayev

Hi, I'm Ayub.

I’m an engineer with a skillset spanning marketing, design, development and deployment.

I work directly with executives (technical or not) who want a straightforward and low risk way to make software users love.

PHP Laravel React NodeJS Vue Svelte TailwindCSS Figma Livewire

I have a background in eCommerce, having created my own carts and worked on custom ones that handle millions of SKUs, orders, and visitors in complicated industries like auto parts. I’ve also made SaaS, custom CMSes, and recently have been working on AI enabled tools.

Companies can hire me to build new tech projects from scratch. I offer both management and individual contribution abilities to projects. If additional talent is needed, I can connect with my network of designers, and developers of different flavors to complete most kinds of projects.

I do appreciate the effort/time/knowledge/turn-around :)
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The support has been amazing. Top notch.
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ayub is a kickass dev/coder. def worth what he charges.
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12 Years of Experience
I’ve Implemented Features Like...

Authentication & Billing

  • Custom eCommerce carts (with 3PL integration)
  • Subscriptions... Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Skippable, Changeable
  • Payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net
  • Magic Login Link
  • 3rd Party Login (e.g. Google, Facebook login)


  • Linux System Administration
  • HTTP Servers (NGINX, Apache, Caddy)
  • Cloud / Serverless (AWS, Google, Cloudflare)
  • Databases (MySQL, SQLite, Mongodb)
  • Caching, CDNs (Redis)


  • Importing Data from Spreadsheets or other sources, batch processing 100's GBs
  • Searching, Filtering, Caching
  • Scraping data operations in the millions, parralellized
  • eCommerce Platform Migrations
  • Content protection... one time access, expiration and password based access, steganographic watermarking


  • Offline Capable Progressive Web Apps
  • CSS effects & custom Animations
  • Custom WYSIWYG editor for a CMS
  • Custom Video Playback
  • Sound effects
  • Page Speed Optimization


  • AI Audio Transcription (Whisper)
  • Interactive maps (Google Maps, Mapbox)
  • Speech based interaction (Dialogflow, Google Voice Assistant)
  • Cross platform screenrecording (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Apple Shortcuts Scripting

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