by Ayub

Traffic, leads, and sales for $0?

An untapped source of traffic, leads and sales for many companies is free tools.

Instead of trying to market white papers or other info products, what if you made a tool for your audience?

You could easily promote it in groups & communities, which would also cause it to rank in Google quickly.

The links due to it being shared around and reposted will build authority for your domain, boosting any SEO efforts.

Instead of perpetually spending money on ads, you can spend a fixed amount to perpetually get leads, as useful tools are bookmarked and shared around by word of mouth naturally.

If you’re interested in hiring out tool development, our software development company has a limited time offer for $0 down tool development.

Instead of being on the hook for the cost upfront, we can agree to a “pay per lead” or “pay per sale” model so we can make money as you make money.

Want help brainstorming some ideas? Schedule a free call here!

P.S. Check out this video clip where the Co-Founder of Hubspot, now a $30B SaaS, talks about using this technique.

His recommendation is to make a tool that agitates the problem of your customer.

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